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Siberian Kittens
Finding a Siberian Kitten
Find the form for the waiting list on our contacts page.
Remember all reputable Siberian breeders have a waiting list. If they do not show their cats, they cannot know if they are improving the breed, so they are only breeding for money, no matter what they say.
If the place is dirty or kittens are in cages or in a bad condition. DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR THEM AND BUY ONE. You are helping that person keep going and putting more kittens at risk. If being sold without inoculations or paperwork showing they are registered, are they Siberians? A kitten gives off less dander than an adult. If you buy without paperwork do not be surprised if you find your allergic to it as it gets older, because you do not know what you have bought.
Use our contact page to go on the waiting list.
Our kittens are born in our bedroom.

They receive constant attention and stimulation during their stay with us.

They are fully house trained and are used to being handled read our reviews.

All our kittens are checked by our vet 3 times and are fully inoculated, Microchipped and neutered / spayed before they leave us at around 14 weeks old. They also come with 4 weeks free pet insurance.