Siberian Cats and Kittens
Of Sayadaws

Our Girls and Boys in well deserved retirement
Katyenka Sevastian of Sayadaws
Solid White Tabby (All Siberians are Tabbys)
Traditional Siberian Forest Cat

Arrived at our household as a kitten. He was the only solid white stud boy in the U.K. Now his time as a Stud is over its time for him to enjoy a family life, while with us he was a gentle giant of a cat.
Sevastian has now been neutered and moved to his forever home. This big softy will be missed by us for a long time. We wish him all the love in the world with his new mum, 'Mary'

Champion Fernando Rosa Fria
Blue Silver Spotted Tabby
Traditional Siberian Forest Cat

Thank you to Hana Cabova for this stunning boy. Although now retired he fathered RW SGC Sayadaws Antar Tasker  and SGC Sayadaws Mojave Desert Rain Shadow. We hope his line continues.

Sayadaws Katniss Everblu Rosa

Blue Silver Spotted Tabby
Traditional Siberian Forest Cat
Sadly Katniss had to be neutered after her first litter, She now lives in her forever home with her new loving family.